Friday, 10 May 2013

C13 - The Cameron remixes

three solid years after the original act of noise resistance by Bitch Goggles the time is ripe to revisit the site and raise a stone circle. To this end Omcore invited 5 of the best to work their magic.
As a balm to the carpet burn we endure from the elite-pork-boys-club let the combined forces of Autotistic, Germseed, Joined By Wire, Mr Wasp and St John Collins soothe you, move you and keep your freak flag flying.

Run of 30

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


No more crying into your champagne cocktails because the second GK album is finally here. 
A year has gone by since the first noise collision and the silence has only made the roots grow deeper.
This is grafters noise hewn from the bombed out organs of a gigantic killer library.
St John Collins and Master Adze present you with the goods

Run of 30

get it now before part three takes it all apart 


Amazing beat female D.NYE shares a sonic feast with us.
Good sounds for a ramped up stab at the future.

run of 30