Monday, 25 October 2010


Recorded on the day that England went back into itself and started to eat it's own insides. Did everyone forget what it was like last time? A 35 minute noise statement aimed at the bourgeoisie, CAMERON is the kind of thing that Bitch Goggles was built for. Following on from the YIPE! e.p. that ran for 15 copies this one went out in two runs of 20 with hand bleached 'C' covers.
Cameron excerpt by OMCORE Recordings

Friday, 22 October 2010


Transcendental exploration music. The first ever release by POEMS IN STONE came in a run of 25 which quickly evaporated into the ether and a subsequent run of 15 followed.
glass lung by OMCORE Recordings
Devils of the deep by OMCORE Recordings

POEMS IN STONE also works with the mighty ONEC RECORDS


                                                     #3 AND #4 of the OMCORE ZINES

In 2008 OMCORE started delivering zines with each CD-R issued. These began as hand written insults against the state and mainstream fashion mostly on used tickets, receipts and general litter. In 2009 the format grew and OMCORE PUBLICATIONS #0 'Growing Up' was the result, followed by #1 'Vinegar', #2 'Mungo', #3 'Deodorant days' and #4 'Rubby Dubby (Space Cats)'. 25 copies of each.
                                                     inside Rubby Dubby (Space Cats)


Four years after No Tomorrow's Party OMCORE had accumulated enough oddities to put out another compilation that defied explanation. Z-sides every one of them. Run of 30

Auto-duck by OMCORE Recordings
Piano Solo (for Dance) by OMCORE Recordings
Hell for leather by OMCORE Recordings


Drum machine torch songs roared out the attic of 2009. OMCORE put out two runs of 20 of this mythic set that the skaters described as a 'workout'. 
lateral line 4 by OMCORE Recordings
lateral line 7 by OMCORE Recordings

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Improvised pieces in various collections, runs of 10 each. 2009 compilation 6Strings run of 30.
05 molecular dice 1 by OMCORE Recordings
08 creeky logbook 1 by OMCORE Recordings
02 one day in easter break 1 by OMCORE Recordings


A compilation that hit the shops just in time for Xmas 06. All 25 copies of this got swallowed up like plankton to the public whale. These tracks are the B sides that OMCORE knew were A sides, sometimes in-your-face beautiful, sometimes lushly horrible, NTP packs a tricky punch against the normals.

05 blasted shapes 1 by OMCORE Recordings
10 low battery guitar 1 by OMCORE Recordings
12 slow dog in window 1 by OMCORE Recordings


Social distortion music machine STANDPIPE SIAMESE made two self-titled albums for OMCORE in 2006. Coming out of a dirty back-street in the bitter bitter north these recordings fuse brutal electronics with instruments on psychedelic self-destruct. Both albums came with sticker bombing kits included.
01 Coca-Cola-Death-Squad by OMCORE Recordings
03 Notes on Exorcism by OMCORE Recordings
06 Ibuprofen Party Fight by OMCORE Recordings

Monday, 18 October 2010


Short lived power trio Spina De Mul produced only one CD-R for OMCORE which ran for 20 copies. Their style was rash and complex, spitting out tunes like a beast that knew it's days were numbered from the get-go.

04 Virus #4 by OMCORE Recordings
03 Academic Title X by OMCORE Recordings